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        What is a printed tin

        What is a printed tin

        • Categories:News
        • Time of issue:2021-07-27 12:51
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        (Summary description)Printing iron mainly refers to printing various patterns on the sheet. Canning refers to making the sheet into various shapes desired by customers and packaging products to achieve the purpose of beauty and practicality.

        What is a printed tin

        (Summary description)Printing iron mainly refers to printing various patterns on the sheet. Canning refers to making the sheet into various shapes desired by customers and packaging products to achieve the purpose of beauty and practicality.

        • Categories:News
        • Time of issue:2021-07-27 12:51
        • Views:

        Printing iron mainly refers to printing various patterns on the sheet. Canning refers to making the sheet into various shapes desired by customers and packaging products to achieve the purpose of beauty and practicality.

        It is best to choose a factory that can both make cans and print to produce packaging boxes. Such a factory can integrate printed iron and can making with rich experience. It can avoid the deformation of the pattern due to the stretching or stamping of the can, so that the can can can not achieve the desired printing effect.

        Common species

              The main products are round, square and special-shaped cans. It can be subdivided into:

        Food cansseries (chicken powder cans, milk powder cans, coffee cans, moon cake cans, candy cans, beverage cans, seasoning cans, chocolate cans, tea cans, biscuit cans, cigarette boxes, wine cans,,)

        Gift jar series (watch box, money jar, music box, pencil box, CD box, DVD box, card jar, glasses box, hand-held jar, poker jar,)

        Chemical tank series (paint cans, spray cans)  


        "The first time" in the history of printing sheet metal packaging

          In 1795 Napoleon awarded 12000 francs to anyone who could find a way to preserve the food supplied to the army.

          In 1809, Nicholas Appel, a candy merchant, came up with the idea of keeping food, such as wine, in glass bottles. After years of research, he invented the method of preserving food by disinfection, so he won a prize of 12000 francs from the French government.

          In 1810, King George III granted Peter Durand a patent to preserve food in glass bottles, pottery pots or metal cans.

          In 1812, Thomas kenset, a British immigrant, established a small factory in New York to produce sealed canned oysters, meat, fruits and vegetables.

          In 1825, kenset obtained the patent right for the first tin can in the United States.

          In 1847, Alan Taylor obtained the patent for stamping tin cans with an extended edge machine.

          In 1849, Henry Evans obtained the patent right of the tilting press which can produce the tank cover through one operation. Production thus increased from a small amount to 50 cans per hour.

          In 1866, E.M. Lang obtained the patent right to seal the tank by manufacturing or welding the tank cover.

          In 1870, France began printing color patterns on tinplate

          In 1872, the British Baber introduced the sheet printing technology to Britain.

          In 1875, Arthur A. Libby and William J. Wilson invented the trapezoidal pot to preserve salted beef in Chicago.

          In 1877, a simple can sealing machine appeared

          In 1880, the semi-automatic can making machine first appeared.

          In 1898, George W. Cobb fresh-keeping company perfected the three piece can.

          In 1903, the coating on the inner wall of cans appeared. In 1905, the production technology of canned food was introduced into China, and Shanghai Taifeng company began to produce canned food

          In 1917, tinplate printing technology was introduced into China, and the commercial press began to produce a small amount of iron printing products. In 1953, soudronic, Switzerland trial produced the first resistance welding machine

          In 1957, aluminum materials were introduced into the metal tinplate can gold industry

          Pop cans were produced in 1960

          In 1963, the world's first steel two-piece can was born in the United States

          Tin free sheet was first developed in 1965

          (this article has been included as standard professional knowledge by Baidu: http://baike.baidu.com/view/2835376.htm )

        AboutIron potIron printing knowledge of iron box

        Printing iron is to print patterns on tinplate (tinplate). It mainly uses the physical property that water and ink repel each other and with the help of printing pressure to transfer the printing plate pictures and texts to the sheet through blanket, which belongs to the principle of lithographic offset printing. This process has special requirements for ink.


          Printing principle:

          Tinplate printing also uses the physical properties of water and ink repulsion, and with the help of printing pressure, the printing plate pictures and texts are transferred to the tinplate through blanket, which belongs to the principle of lithographic offset printing. Due to the special physicochemical properties D and the reprocessing performance of printed matter, the printing process of tinplate is quite different from that of ordinary offset printing.

          Tinplate printing has special requirements for ink:

          (1) The ink is required to have good adhesion and mechanical properties

          Because the tinplate printed matter will eventually be made into food cans, toys, metal photo frames and barrels and cans of chemical products, it needs to be cut, bent and stretched, so the printing ink is required to have good adhesion to the tinplate and corresponding mechanical properties. In order to improve the ink adhesion, the white backing of the sheet is required before printing. White is the basic color of all pictures, with high lightness. After adding other high-energy hues, the brightness of each hue can be improved to form a color scale.

          (2) Requirements for white ink

          The surface of tinplate is silver white (or yellow) with metallic luster. Before printing color pictures and texts, the surface needs to be painted white or printed white. Due to the limitation of ink coverage, monochrome machines often need to be printed white twice, and its whiteness can reach 75%. Whiteness, as an important indicator of the quality of tinplate printing products, requires that the white ink has good adhesion with the primer, and does not turn yellow after repeated high-temperature baking and high-temperature steaming. Priming the sheet can increase the adhesion with the sheet and have a good adhesion to white ink. The commonly used primer is epoxy amine type, which has the characteristics of light color, no yellowing and aging after repeated baking, and good flexibility and impact resistance.

          (3) Requirements for color ink

          The color ink printed on tinplate should not only have a certain degree of water resistance, but also have its special requirements. Since the surface of the sheet is impervious to moisture and solvent and needs to be baked and dried, the ink should be heat cured. The requirements for coloring power and durability of pigments are high. In addition to the basic properties of general offset ink, iron printing ink should also have the characteristics of heat resistance, strong ink film adhesion, impact resistance, good hardness, cooking resistance and light resistance according to the characteristics of iron printing.

          (4) Drying process of ink

          In the production of sheet printing, ink drying is a complex physical and chemical reaction process. Only by reasonably controlling the drying speed of ink and mastering the physical and chemical mechanism of ink drying can we effectively carry out rapid printing operation and ensure product quality. Ink drying too fast will reduce the normal transmission performance of ink and affect the normal progress of production; It causes the blotting to be weak, the ink color to be weak, and the ink on the surface of the printing plate and ink roller is dry, which hinders the ink dropping in the transmission; Make the dry layer of printing plate expand outward; The excessive amount of desiccant causes the increase of ink adsorption and the dirty blank part. The ink drying too slowly can cause overprint difficulty, adhesion, adhesion and firmness reduction; It is easy to cause scratches during transmission. Therefore, the drying speed of ink should be appropriate. Too fast and too slow are unfavorable.

          (5) Special structure of printing equipment

          Due to the different substrates, the auxiliary mechanism of sheet printing press is also different from paper offset press. Tinplate is insoluble in water and does not adsorb solvent, so the printing ink needs to be baked at high temperature to volatilize the solvent and solidify the conjunctiva. Therefore, the printing process device generally needs to be equipped with a drying room. The whole automatic sheet printing line is generally more than 50 meters long, with the characteristics of precision and large. In addition, the sheet printing machine is controlled by magnet splitting and double sheet. The high hardness of sheet material also determines that the advanced continuous iron conveying structure cannot be used in the printing process. The structure of pushing section, alignment and stacking part is different from that of offset printing machine of printing paper.

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